We bring you Independence through MasterySM

Nexio is an intellectual property (IP) law firm of award-winning attorneys based in Costa Mesa, California. We’ve won 98% of our cases by taking a creative approach to legal problem-solving—which means quick solutions and minimized expense for our clients.

In short, we create opportunities for people to do right by you. By strategizing in ways that reframe situations and shift mindsets, we make YOUR desired outcome appealing to those who oppose you. It’s how we save you time, money and frustration. And it’s how we create clients for life.

As seasoned litigators and commercial counselors who put clients’ interests first, we measure success by proven results. From clearing Southern California of counterfeit products and software infringers to litigating high-profile, celebrity lawsuits over trademark disputes, we’ve successfully litigated and settled hundreds of cases. Our client group tends to consist of medium-sized companies and businesses. Serving as intellectual property protectors is what we do best.

In fact, our extensive experience and expertise are how we empower YOU to achieve Independence through MasterySM. It’s what makes partnering with Nexio your best “next” step when you’re ready to get thorough with “creation protection”—to lay claim to your ideas and products and effectively enforce your IP rights.

At Nexio, we resolve trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent, unfair competition and business disputes with a mastery that frees you to focus on what you do best, and reap the rewards of your intellectual capital.

We’re committed to delivering high-value services. By continually developing our team and leveraging technology, our law firm is constantly evolving and refining. So we’re always ready to help you bring the next big thing to market.

. . . And Deliver Freedom through Results

Nexio Law Firm is all about creative problem-solving that leads to a swift and powerful resolution. We’re here to free you from legal constraints that get in the way of your independence and success. We eliminate burdens like lawsuits. Our attorneys help you claim a market segment, carve out a niche, separate from the pack in whatever industry you’re passionate about, and otherwise protect the ideas you’ve developed—your intellectual capital.

That means focusing on the desired result in each case, and approaching it in an innovative, multi-level way. The law is just one of many tools we harness to influence and encourage people to come together – and ultimately help to achieve your end goal. Our team is fierce in its desire to serve you and serve you well. So you can rest assured you have the law on your side, and that it will do right by you.

. . . In Ways that Respect Your Time and Money

At Nexio, we handle everything from intellectual property protection for cost-conscious start-ups to large-scale enforcement against mega-infringers. We listen intently, step back to re-interpret and reframe your legal concerns to spark creative solutions, and explain all the options to you in simple language. Regardless of your size or impact, we’re masters at developing effective strategies that best suit your needs, your goals and your budget.