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Copyright Litigation

A Bedrock of Copyright Law:

The law provides that “[t]he copyright owner is entitled to recover the actual damages suffered by him or her as a result of the infringement, and any profits of the infringer that are attributable to the infringement and are not taken into account in computing the actual damages.”  17 U.S.C § 504(b)

Defend Your Copyright . . . To Make People Do the “Right” Thing

Many people assume that if they’ve copyrighted their original work—things of the literary, dramatic, musical and artistic variety, such as books, songs and software–they’re “safe as houses” when it comes to intellectual property protection.

Unfortunately, while a registered copyright is an important weapon against copyright infringement, it doesn’t keep people from trying to steal your work. Sometimes the only thing that gets people’s attention and makes them do the right thing is litigation. If anyone has profited from copying or stealing your work, you need a crack team of defenders to put things in motion.

Nexio attorneys are here to suit up and bring on the fight. If someone has infringed your copyright, we can stop the stealing, enforce your rights and get you the retribution you deserve.

What Copyright Litigation Looks Like

Copyright litigation is often a straightforward process, wherein a Plaintiff would need to prove: (i) the plaintiff is the owner of a valid copyright; and (ii) the defendant copied original expression from the copyrighted work at a minimum.  Copyrights fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of federal courts, which is an often streamlined process.  In sum, there are three stages to a litigation:

  • The pleading stage – this is where the parties to a litigation will perfect the “theoretically possible” claims and defenses.

  • The discovery stage – this is where the parties have the right to request information from the other to see if the facts line up with the “theoretically possible” claims and defenses.

  • The disposition stage – this is where the parties have explain to the court and/or a jury why the facts line up with the “theoretically possible” claims and defenses, and they are entitled to relief.

How We Can Help

Nexio Law Firm is committed to helping clients protect their intellectual property to safeguard their businesses and ensure their families’ livelihoods. We’re here to help you with copyright enforcement or defense, or to provide whatever IP protection services you need throughout the life of your product, brand or company.

Some notable cases our attorneys have litigated include:

  • Photographers and agencies in dozens of cases involving the unauthorized use of their works (settlements confidential).

  • Movie houses and content producers in cases involving the unauthorized use of their works (settlements confidential).

  • Software makers who have successfully employed copyrights to stop infringers from using their source code (settlements confidential).

Interested in speaking with our copyright litigation attorneys?

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