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Copyright Registration

A Bedrock of Copyright Law:

The law gives a copyright owner the right to control the reproduction, distribution, production, performance, and public display of his or her work.  17 U.S.C § 106

What is a Copyright—and What’s the Value Behind It?

A copyright is a legal tool that helps you establish and maintain ownership rights to original “works of authorship”—that is literary, dramatic, musical and artistic creations. A copyright can be registered for things like books, movies, songs, software and architecture. You can even copyright an expression of an idea, like a picture of a sandcastle you made on the beach, or a child’s crayon drawing. The idea behind copyrighting is to protect your creative “masterpiece” from being copied by someone who, seeing the potential market value in your work, may seize an opportunity to cash in on it.

While registering a copyright doesn’t guarantee no one will try to benefit from copying your work, it does provide an important means for going after copyright infringers.

Copyright Registration: Why Should I Bother?

Registering a copyright is not necessary to have copyright protection. In fact, your work has copyright protection under U.S. law the moment you create it and fix it in a tangible form that is perceptible—either directly or by using a machine or other device.

However, there are significant benefits to registering your work. Copyright registration—getting details of your work “on record”—is recommended, because it makes the facts of your copyright public. And having a public record of your copyright, along with a certificate of registration, strengthens your position to receive statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation.

In short, it’s way easier to have the law on your side AND get the maximum compensation possible when someone steals your work when you have a U.S. copyright registration.

How We Can Help

Given that copyright registration is a smart and powerful tool for protecting your work, make sure you get it done! At Nexio, we make copyright registration affordable and easy. Our registration services start at $600 per application, and include all filing fees. We’ve helped many clients register their copyrights to ensure they have the home “court” advantage if there’s ever a need to litigate against copyright pirates.

Let us help you protect your work and all that it means to you.

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