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Corporate Transactions

Business Dealings that Support and Grow Your Business

Whether you’re just forming a business or have a company that’s been established for decades, corporate transactions play an important role in business development. From setting up shop and determining ownership and entity type to contracting with vendors, licensors and others, to signing agreements in accordance with governmental regulations, there’s a lot riding on the decisions you make.

And those decisions keep on coming.

As your business grows, you may hire more employees, acquire other businesses, open additional offices or locations or merge with another company. There are any number of things that can require drafting of agreements, negotiations, and dispute resolution.

The legal aspects associated with these activities demand extensive knowledge and skills. A corporate transaction attorney who can offer sage advice, powerful negotiation skills, and effective representation can make all the difference in your business’s success and longevity. And in how well you sleep each night.

A Few Well-Known Corporate Transactions

Corporate and business law cover a large number of business processes. Many of these involve different types of corporate transactions that may occur over the life of your business. Some of the more commonly known transactions are:

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • financing agreement

  • Distribution agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Real estate lease agreements

As you can surmise from the list above, corporate transactions often revolve around business entity formation, mergers and acquisitions.

Why Nexio Law Firm is the Partner You Need for the Life of Your Business

At every stage of the business cycle, there are legal aspects to consider. From business formation to liquidation, your success depends on knowing the options and making decisions that align specifically with your business requirements—your goals and the situations that affect them.

Fortunately, there’s Nexio Law Firm. Our knowledgeable, trustworthy corporate transaction attorneys not only have the experience but the drive to assist you through every business cycle. We’re dedicated to providing creative business strategies and personalized, cost-effective solutions that bring long-term value.

For the life of your business, you need a reliable, go-to partner who offers a wide range of corporate transaction legal services. At Nexio, we’re here to help.

Looking for a corporate transaction attorney to walk beside you on your business journey?

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