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Entertainment Law

Your Talent Deserves to Be Protected

If you’re in the field of entertainment (aka media), it’s critical that you take steps to protect what you create. Demand for film, television, music, and digital content and the ever-increasing ways to consume them is dramatically changing the entertainment landscape. While this means great opportunity, in the form of numerous platforms and ways to monetize your creations, it also means you need to be careful—so that you position yourself to negotiate the best deals.

Here’s an understatement: Entertainment transactions can be complicated. The intricacies involved in drafting contracts, negotiation and mediation demand business savvy and legal expertise. Those who come out ahead You need to have a clear understanding of B2B dealings, like financing, production, publishing, distribution and licensing. And we don’t just mean on a domestic level. In today’s digital, tech-fueled entertainment space, you have to think globally.

Show Business Plus Technology Equals “That’s Entertainment!” Today

Entertainment law centers on the entertainment industry. As such, it involves all types of media, including film, television, news, advertising, music, publishing, advertising and the Internet. When it comes to film, entertainment attorneys often pick up where an actor’s agent leaves off, by negotiating compensation and profit participation with whomever is buying the actor’s talent. Since these involve things like contracts, copyrights, trademarks and patents, entertainment law spans various legal fields, including corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity, and privacy. Defamation and personality rights issues also come up in entertainment law.

While writers, performers and artists clearly fall into the “entertainment law” camp, there are other professionals who are just as integral to the entertainment industry. For example, technology merges with entertainment particularly for app developers, online content distribution companies, film and production companies, multimedia developers, showbiz tech wizards, professional sports organizations, and a good many more. All of these professionals benefit from having knowledgeable, experienced legal counsel in their corner.

With Nexio, You Get a Law Firm That Understands Today’s Entertainment World

Nexio Law Firm attorneys have deep experience when it comes to complex entertainment and media law-related transactions. We’re technology and legal experts who know how to protect your talent and creative products in comprehensive, expeditious ways. You can depend on our innovative strategies and solid legal advice to help you get deals done and disputes resolved. So you can focus on your craft—and on entertaining the rest of us.

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