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Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing Agreements Create Revenue and Opportunity

A licensing agreement can be a critical strategic tool when it comes to growing your business.

As a legal contract between the licensor (IP owner) and licensee (IP “borrower”), a licensing agreement typically spells out the usage of patented technology, the application of a brand name or trademark or grants, or the right to produce and sell certain goods.

Whether you’re considering granting access to your intellectual property or gaining access to the intellectual property of another company, having an agreement in place can be a great money-making opportunity. Licensing agreements help you control your competitive environment, by limiting or easing entry into new markets. And they can promote valuable business relationships with employees, vendors and even your competitors, by helping to smooth industry challenges and minimize conflicts.

Licensing agreements for patents, brand identity (its name or trademark), copyrights and product manufacturing and sales are mission-critical in industries where intellectual property is the key to competitive advantage. A simple misstep—missing quality control procedures or limiting auditing rights–could cause the loss of your hard-earned rights and/or eliminate any potential recovery.

That’s why it’s important to partner with legal experts who know how to craft licensing agreements that will help you achieve your overall business goals.

Among other many benefits it provides, a well-prepared license agreement will:

  • Control how your intellectual property is used, marketed, and sold.

  • Positively affect your recovery of royalties and license fees.

  • Establish your rights in the event of a breach of agreement.

  • Harmonize your rights and obligations.

We’re Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

The attorneys at Nexio Law Firm are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives and maximize return on their talent and inventions. If you decide to create and implement an IP licensing agreement, it’s important to do all the necessary preparation to ensure your intellectual property—and your business—are well protected under the law.

We evaluate your business strategy, consider the anti-competitive risks involved, help determine what licenses are needed, and take painstaking care in drafting and negotiating your licensing agreements, to provide utmost clarity and protection—and to minimize administration.  This gives you an organized approach to your IP rights, minimizes risks, and gets everyone on the same page with regards to usage terms and royalty rates.

Today’s global economy brings a whole host of issues to already complex licensing agreements. But with Nexio on your side, you can be assured of meeting all your IP needs.

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